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About Us

Thank you for visiting our website, and taking the time to learn a little more about us. We are Paige and William and The UltiMutt Pup is inspired by our ultimate mutt rescue pups, Bandit and Buzz! 

We began making bandanas for our boys when we just weren't happy with the ones we found in stores. As 2019 was coming to a close, we were trying to find new bandanas to replace our holiday ones and we just couldn't find any that we were happy with so we thought... "Hey! What if WE made bandanas?" and the rest is history! We have found something we love to do, that includes all four of us (beyond going to the bark-park of course!).

We have fallen in love with all the fun fabrics and we can't wait to share our love for pets and passion for personalized products with you! Your entire order is handmade by us, with love right here in the great USA. We promise to provide a product we would proudly put on our pups because just like our boys, we know your pets are family and they deserve the best!

Our Adoption Story

Our adoption story begins in October, 2019 with Bandit. He is primarily Australian and German Shepherd, but he is mixed with a little bit of everything - our true "UltiMutt"! Bandit was rescued after being abandoned by his owners, placing him in the shelter for the second time.

We came across Bandit at the very end of the isle laying down in the corner of his kennel. He got up and came to the door and began wagging his tail and showing his teeth. Our first thought was "is this dog snarling at us?" but when we considered the wagging tail, we knew this couldn't be. Our next thought was "could he be... smiling?"

After telling a volunteer about our experience, it was confirmed - he WAS smiling! Bandit was known to smile when he is excited. We knew at that moment this is OUR dog! (We like to think Bandit felt this way too after greeting us with his special smile). After some individual play time and an approved application, Bandit joined our family.

When we adopted Bandit, he had severe dry skin/dandruff, suffered from separation anxiety and was so underweight you could count each one of his ribs. With proper nutrition, obedience training, lots of snuggles and lots of love, Bandit is now a healthy, confident, smiling, happy boy!

Bandit brought us so much happiness, we decided to open our hearts to furbaby number two in April, 2020. Buzz is a border collie mix with a story not so different from Bandit's. Buzz was also surrendered by his owner - underweight with a dry, brittle coat and hot spots that had been scratched open, and scabbed over. Buzz was rescued by a no-kill shelter after facing euthanization in his first shelter. We found Buzz online and made an appointment right away to have Buzz meet Bandit.

Before introducing the Buzz and Bandit, we had individual time with Buzz. He came trotting out of the shelter, ears bouncing with each step and flopped on the ground at our feet with a wagging tail, tongue out awaiting belly rubs. We instantly fell in love! Just like Bandit, we instantly knew Buzz was OUR dog. When Buzz and Bandit met, it was like they were long lost brothers! By the end of their playdate, they were cuddled up together while we signed our adoption forms. Today, Buzz's skin and coat are healthy and he is working to gain the weight he needs to be the healthy, happy pup he aspires and deserves to be!